This Is Giada DeLaurentiis's Favorite One-Minute Cocktail

Need to whip up an extra-quick drink for company, or for yourself? It doesn't get faster than this.

Looking for a quick and tasty cocktail for your next dinner party, and don't want to serve something super-obvious? Giada DeLaurentiis just revealed her favorite drink to whip up in seconds flat when she has folks stopping by, last-minute or otherwise: an Aperol spritzer. "I think it’s clean. It works with everything," she told The Feast about the drink, which combines the Italian aperitif (made with bitter orange, gentian and rhubarb, among other things) with some other key ingredients.

Here's how Giada assembles the simple cocktail. "So [it's] a little Aperol, a little sparkling water, and Prosecco. And it's equal parts, and a little ice. That's it. That's all you do," she said.

And when Giada wants to amp up the drink a little, she makes a few small tweaks. "Sometimes [I garnish with] mint. Sometimes I do basil, either one, depending on what I got," she said. "You can even throw raspberries in it if you've got them because they kind of bubble up, which is nice. It also looks pretty. It's slightly pink."

We're going to say it looks a bit orange to us, but pretty refreshing none the less.

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