What Giada De Laurentiis Wants for Her Last Meal Is Pretty Shocking

Just save us one bite?

There's no doubt about it: Giada De Laurentiis loves food. She might look gorgeous and fit at all times, but the celebrity TV chef, restaurateur and cookbook author sure isn't preaching any low-carb, self-denial diets to anyone, and we love her for it. Plus, her pastas and Italian-inspired dishes aren't just mouthwatering to look at; her recipes actually work, and make you look like a cooking genius even if you're far from it. 

All that aside. When she revealed what she wants to eat for her last meal, it took us by surprise. It's not an ultra-rich pasta dish, not a juicy porchetta, not even a fabulously decadent slice of cake.

It's an entire cake. An entire chocolate cake, to be exact. And she wants to eat all the frosting first, then dismantle the whole cake—with her bare hands?

As Giada tells Health magazine in the October issue, she'd like her "final meal" to be a "Seven-layer chocolate cake. I would eat all of the frosting on the outside, then I would peel off the cake and eat the layers in between. I like a scavenger hunt."

We're not sure what she'd be searching for in that scavenger hunt (besides more cake?), but hearing all this makes us want to hunt down a gigantic chocolate cake immediately. And rip it apart with our hands, and not share.

But for decorum's sake, we'll settle in the meantime for a pan of her non-fancy-looking but awesome brownies (check out that crackly chocolate layer on top).


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