When Famous Dogs Collide: Guess Who Giggy Met?

Hint: Her tongue is always on display.

Giggy the Pom is arguably the most famous dog in the Bravo world. And some (*cough, cough* Lisa Vanderpump) would say he’s the most famous dog in the world-world. But with the rise of Insta-celebrity, plenty of other famous dogs are giving Giggy a run for his money.

So when Giggy met Toast this weekend, we expected the internet to implode.

Indeed, Toast Meets World showed up at Giggy’s Vanderpump Pets launch at Petco in New York City this weekend. Was it a friendly meeting? A tense sizing-up? Just two famous dogs on the same red carpet?

Seems that it was somewhere in between. According to an exclusive quote from Toast, "Meeting Giggy was a little like Tupac meeting Biggie. He runs the west and I run the east." 

Toast—who also told us that she "wants to be Lisa Vanderpump when [she] grows up"—shared the above photo, and we’ve gotta say, these two celebrity pooches (and Harrison, famous in his own right) look like they’re cut from the same cloth: nonchalant, aloof, and oh-so-fabulous.

It’s really too bad that Toast is already married and that Giggy is such a gigolo—otherwise we’d call this a match made in pup paradise. Although it seems that Toast may have a different type of taste in men: "Ken is devastating in person."

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