Want to Run Into Gigi Hadid Next Time You're in NYC? These Are Her 3 Favorite Neighborhood Spots

Gigi's taste in restaurants is low-key, local and spot-on.

During rare moments when she's not traipsing around to Fashion Weeks around the world, supermodel Gigi Hadid spends her time doing what everyone else likes to do: hanging out in favorite local restaurants and coffee shops. In Gigi's case, those spots happen to be in and around Manhattan's East Village and Noho, near her NYC apartment.

Next time you're in the area, keep your eyes peeled and time your visit right, and you just might spot Gigi lazing over breakfast or a burger, or indulging in a little sushi at a certain subterranean spot in the neighborhood.

Here, 3 places Gigi loves, according to an interview this week with Harper's Bazaar

1.  The Smile

"I usually eat breakfast or have coffee before I do anything. I live near The Smile, and I love their scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. I drink orange juice and coffee always," Gigi said, describing this beautifully designed, low-key cafe beloved by neighborhood locals for its vibe as much as its fresh-and-seasonal eats.

2.  JG Melon Downtown

"My personal motto is 'Eat clean to stay fit, have a burger to stay sane,' so if I'm in the mood I'll go to JG Melon in the West Village," Gigi says of the year-old downtown offshoot of the Upper East Side pub, known for its uber-classic, no-frills burger.

3.  BondST

"If I'm going out, I like to go for dinner and drinks with friends. I love Bond Street for sushi," says Gigi. The restaurant, whose official name is BondST, has been a celeb go-to since it launched back in the late-'90s, and its rare combination of glam and serenity is still a draw—not to mention its inventive sushi and cocktail roster.


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