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Gillian Jacobs Recounts Her First Kiss As A Teenager - Spoiler Alert, It Was Awful

The actress compares the guy's tongue to a snake. 

Gillian Jacobs is gorgeous and talented, but she says in high school she was just a "theater nerd" who couldn't get a kiss.

She recounted the awful encounter for new digital series, First Fails, a co-production with Mashable.

"I was a big theater nerd who never kissed anyone," she says, adding that she was "desperate for someone to kiss her, but had no prospects."

But when she landed a role in The Witch Of Blackbird Pond, she found a boy she was attracted to. Hint, it doesn't end well.

"I zeroed in on a boy in the play," she explains, saying the two took long walks, but her best friend was always playing third wheel.

The guy had never kissed anyone either, so the two were in the same boat.

"He’d never kissed anyone...he wasn’t going to kiss anyone until he got married," Gillian says.

But she "wore him down in the driveway of my mom’s house" and got a kiss out of him.

"The point [he thought] was to jam your tongue down her throat," she says. "I was just happy someone was kissing me, but thought, 'This can’t be the thing everyone is obsessed with.'"

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