Twitter Is Freaking Out About This Impossible Gilmore Girls Detail

Rory's finances don't seem to support her frequent-traveler lifestyle.

There's a lot to ponder after last week's Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix — namely those final four words. As well, there's another smaller but significant issue that confused fans right from the start... and that's Rory Gilmore's truly bizarre international travel habit. She took a lot of flights back and forth to London, and no one's quite sure how she did it.

Let's discuss. The life of a freelance writer may look glamorous, but it seldom leads to tons of disposable income — especially if, like Rory, the writer is currently struggling to get any gig at all. We know things got so bad she had to move in with her mom, and yet she's flying to London to visit Logan nonstop. At one point, she flew into Connecticut to visit her mom for one day before going back to London.

What's that about? Why is she not like every other freelance writer we know and chasing down editors to get paid, rather than chasing a boy across the globe? We can't understand it. There are various possibilities: Logan may have been flying her out? (It does pay to have a friend with benefits who is ridiculously rich.) Her grandpa left her a nest egg and she's decided to spend all of it not on rent or underwear but to visit her non-boyfriend? She's living off credit cards? Does she have a ton of miles from the last decade of writing and covering stories?

It still seems odd and doesn't really add up. Midway through the revival, she even called Logan to suggest she come visit him in London the very next day. Last-minute transatlantic flights can be super expensive — although we did find next-day flights between New York's LaGuardia into London Gatwick for under $300 on low-cost carrier WestJet, if you're willing to make a stop. You could go between Kennedy and Gatwick tomorrow for just over $400 on low-cost airline Norwegian — with a stop that would make the whole (miserable) trip take 16 hours and 30 minutes. If you want a nonstop, you're looking at over $500 one-way. Again, none of those figures includes the trip back into the U.S.

So viewers don't get it. And fans are especially vocal on Twitter, expressing confusion about what the actual heck is going on.

Seriously though: If people know the definitive secret for nonstop travel on a shoestring, we want — no, need — to know.

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