Warning: You WILL Cry When This Child's Stuffed Puppy Magically Becomes Real

These aren’t tears. They’re melted snowflakes.

Photo: Porsche Brosseau/Flikr

Christmas Magic manifests in many forms. How do stockings fill up with treats overnight? How do Santa’s cookies get eaten? How does Criss Angel levitate? So many merry mysteries!

And then there’s this Christmas magic trick, which 100% guarantees you will melt into a puddle of twinkly tears. It features a little girl who’s obsessed with her stuffed puppy but wishes it were real. And then, with a little help from the magic of Christmas…

PSA: Please do not give pets as holiday gifts. While the intention is always good, raising a pet is a long-term commitment that requires serious time and thought. Gift certificates to local shelters are a great alternative that will let the recipient find the right pet for themselves, on their own terms.

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