Golden Retriever Sympathizes with Every Parent Who’s Had to Listen to Flute Practice


All moms dread the day that their kid walks in the door with a recorder. All of a sudden, silent homework time has been hijacked by five thousand off-key renditions of Three Blind Mice and you find yourself longing for the days of babies screaming.

Fortunately, most kids lose interest after a week or so. But some decide that music is their ~calling~ and they move on to tougher instruments that require even more constant practice—such as this girl and her flute. Now don’t get us wrong—she actually sounds pretty good. But think of all the hours of non-good it took to get there.

Well, this golden retriever has lived through those hours, and he has officially had quite enough of the flute, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Don’t these humans know that he has a heightened sense of hearing? Let it be known that If he has to endure Hot Cross Buns ever again, there will be couch cushions to pay.

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