The Shahs' Favorite Twist on Matzo Ball Soup Makes a Delicious Passover Dish

Gondi might just become your new favorite tradition for the holiday, or any night of the year.

The latest episode of Shahs of Sunset finds the gang gathering over a delicious Shabbat dinner at Mike Shouhed's house, and Mike playfully teases Reza Farahan for eating all the gondi, saying that he owes him a bowl.

Reza described gondi as a Persian twist on a matzo ball, with a similar look. It's typically made with chickpeas or chickpea flour and ground chicken, and tastes great as a main dish or as part of a soup. What better way to add an element of surprise to the traditional menu at the end of this Passover holiday?

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To learn how to make gondi and other traditional dishes that Shahs crave, turn to Louisa Shafisa's seminal cookbook The New Persian Kitchen. Her recipe for Persian "Matzo Balls" with Chickpeas and Chicken (Gondi) is easy to follow and worth trying before Passover ends in a few days.



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