Dodge the Friday the 13th Curse With These 7 Classic Good-Luck Foods

Here's yet another reason to drink wine every day. And eat your fill of donuts, cornbread and noodles.

It’s Friday the 13th—the only one in 2016—which basically just means that one of your coworkers will inevitably say, “Hey did you guys know it’s Friday the 13th? at some point today. As for why the date is linked with bad luck, no one really agrees on that. Maybe it had to do with the Vikings? Or the Battle of Hastings?

What matters most is finding a way to use it as an excuse to eat, which is why we’ve assembled a list of foods and drinks associated with good luck. Some are traditionally eaten on New Year’s, but we see no harm in indulging anytime you need luck on your side.

1.  Pomegranate Seeds

For thousands of years pomegranates symbolized abundance, fertility and health—so much so that King Tut was even buried with them to help kick start his reincarnation. (No word on the results.)

2.  Donuts

In many cultures, ring-shaped foods are considered good luck. This absolutely means you should eat as many donuts as you want today. Guilt-free. 

3.  Cabbage

Cabbage is associated with good fortune because it’s crisp and green like money. Of course by those standards just about every leafy vegetable brings luck too. We're guessing our doctor would agree.

4.  Cornbread

One Southern tradition (dating back to the Civil War) maintains that cornbread brings luck because it resembles gold. And gold = money. And money = good luck. Seeing a pattern?

5.  Noodles

Cultures all over Asia and Europe believe that noodles represent a long string of money. Just kidding. No money this time. Long noodles represent a long and healthy life. We can get behind that.

6.  Cake

One Greek tradition calls for baking a special lemon-flavored cake with a coin inside of it. Whoever finds the coin gets a year of good luck.

We're not sure if shoving a nickel into the cupcake you just ordered will do it; that probably has the reverse effect.

7.  Wine

Spilling wine on a tablecloth brings good luck, according to an Italian tradition. So as long as you’re ok pouring one out before you start it’s actually a really, really good idea for you to drink some wine today.

And every day.


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