Here's How You Can Find Out How Crowded a Restaurant Is In Real Time, Before You Ruin Your Night

That's what we call better living through technology.

We’ve all wasted a perfectly good Sunday morning waiting two hours in line for a bottomless mimosa brunch, only to find out the place wasn't even worth the wait.

No more: Thanks to a recent Google Maps update, you can take a live glance at a restaurant’s interior to see how crowded it is, before you even venture out.

Google Maps has already featured “popular times and visit durations,” which graph how busy a spot generally is depending on the hour of the day or the day of the week. Now, rather than knowing how crowded that café is on average at 7 pm on a Thursday, you can take a look and see how busy it actually is. In real time.

Lets hope someone invents this for stadium bathroom lines next.

(via Food & Wine)

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