Gordon Ramsay Filmed His Cocaine Documentary Amid Gunshots in the Colombian Jungle (VIDEO)

"Time to go," the chef concluded.

Gordon Ramsay's new ITV documentary covers what he says is a big, sad secret among the chef community: cocaine. And it turns out he encountered some real danger during the filming, which happened outside the sterile confines of a kitchen environment — among the cartel operations in Colombia.

As part of the filming, Ramsay witnessed a rather tense and shocking scene, and posted an 85-second clip to his YouTube channel that gives a sense of the danger inherent in the drug trade — as well as the danger to those who try to expose its inner workings.

While surveying a field of cocaine crop, he notes its expanse: "I can’t believe the size of this crop. It’s unf***ing believable." His narration then concentrates on men spraying the plants, and the tension present between them and plantation employees, who eventually appear through the bushes to defend the business. 

"A warning shot is fired to attempt to disperse the workers," Ramsay narrates. And at that point, it's time for Ramsay to go, as his safety can no longer be guaranteed. Watch the full clip here.

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