Gordon Ramsay Is Now a Guinness World Record Holder — and No, It's Not for Cursing

Is there anything the celeb chef can't do?

Gordon Ramsay is a household name. He has more than 40 restaurants around the globe, hosts incredibly popular TV shows both here and in the UK, and has multiple bestselling cookbooks. He holds 16 Michelin stars, was awarded the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II, and was inducted into the Culinary Hall of Fame.

And he just became a Guinness World Record holder.

The hot-headed chef is now officially the fastest fish fillet-er in world (who knew that was even a thing?). As part of his show The F Word, Ramsay went head-to-head with fish expert Jenna Fabich, a 19-year-old from Alaska who became a YouTube star with her fish filleting videos (again, who knew that was even a thing?).

The two raced against each other and the clock as they speedily sliced up a halibut in front of two Guinness judges and a crowd of onlookers. You already know who won (sorry, we spoiled it for you), but watch the video below to see just how Ramsay defeated his worthy opponent.

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