NSFW! Gordon Ramsay Posted a Video of Himself Getting Totally Naked

He stripped down for an episode of Hotel Hell.

Foul-mouthed celeb chef Gordon Ramsay is used to having all eyes on him. But this video—showing footage from an episode of his 2012 show, Hotel Hell—has recently resurfaced, and it's giving us an eyeful more than we bargained for.

In the video, Ramsay strips down completely, showing off his bare butt—sans censor bars—before getting into the shower and lathering up.

How and why, you might wonder, did this old clip resurface? Well, Ramsay actually posted it to his YouTube channel.

After the episode first aired, Ramsay apologized for getting naked, according to The Sun: “I do regret one thing – getting my ass out in the shower."

But clearly, Ramsay has had a change of heart since then. The video as been making the rounds of the good ol' Internet, and reactions have been….mixed?

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