It Finally Happened! Gordon Ramsay Roasts Andy Cohen's Pasta: "I Expect More From You, Andy"

The celeb chef didn't hold back when it came to Andy's fettuccine.

When Andy Cohen tweeted a photo at Gordon Ramsay recently, we weren't sure what to expect. The famously foul-mouthed chef has turned Twitter into his very own Hell's Kitchen, with fans tweeting pics of their plated dishes @GordonRamsay and Ramsay responding with his very honest, usually brutal, critique of their food.

So when the Watch What Happens Live host tweeted his pasta photo at Ramsay with the note, "Hey @GordonRamsay! What do you think about my Crawfish Fettuccine!?" we waited with bated breath for Ramsay's response.

Ramsay, whose new show The F Word debuts tonight, did a live roast of fans' tweeted dishes to promote his upcoming show—and he didn't disappoint. He warmed up on photos of avocado salad ("looks like the inside of my twins' diaper") and mango jalapeño meatballs ("I've seen better balls on the back of a camel's ball bag") before moving on to Andy Cohen and his artfully plated crawfish fettuccine.

"Andy, you know…A, you're on the show. B, I've taught you how to cook. And that crawfish fettuccine makes me want to crawl under the table. Shocking. I expect more from you, Andy."

Honestly, we thought Andy got off pretty easy. Watch the full roast below (check in around 3:20):

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