Grateful Mom Comes Forward To Tell How George Michael Anonymously Paid For Her IVF

The singer made her life easier...and allowed her to become a mom. 

George Michael's immense generosity really came to light following his death, with one woman coming forward to explain just what he did for her—without even knowing her. It was just one in an endless series of acts the singer had done anonymously.

Jo Maidstone is speaking out now, revealing that the late singer, who passed away on Christmas Day at 53-years-old, was the mystery donor who paid $15,000 for her to have IVF after seeing her on “This Morning” in 2010 tell her story. Jo was desperate to have IVF but had been turned down by the NHS because her partner had already had a child, so she needed to pay out of pocket.

The now mother-of-two returned to the show after his death to explain that he wanted to remain anonymous—he had only revealed his identity when he later sent her a huge bouquet of flowers with a card after she gave birth to her daughter Betsy in 2012.

It read: “Congratulations to you both, lots of love to Betsy. Love from Michelle and George Michael a.k.a anonymous”

Jo kept his wish to remain anonymous for four years. She had only known at the time that a “mystery businessman” personal assistant had called in to donate the money to Jo.

Her first attempt at IVF resulted in a miscarriage and the singer sent her flowers anonymously. Jo and her partner saved up to pay for a second round of IVF, but used the frozen eggs from the first round made possible by George.

Their daughter Betsy was conceived and when they returned home, there was a huge flower arrangement with the singer revealing who he was.

Jo was devastated to learn of the singer’s death.

“It was hard, then I thought out of respect it was what he wanted and until this day I kept it secret,” she said.

George’s family gave her permission to finally tell the story.

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