Gregg Leakes
on Oct 29, 2013

I was extremely happy to see the rewards of my efforts to blend our families and to be able to share a fun time with lots of love.

Who would ever think that as a bride on the day of your wedding you were out shopping for gowns for your family. Going from store to store? That just shows you the depth of my wife's love for people, especially those close to her. NeNe Leakes is jewel -- with so much love in her heart.

It's our wedding day and the hours seemed to just fly by. Emotions began to heighten and the realness of getting re-married, a second chance at love, hit me hard.

I'm ready though. I'm really ready to take my bride away.
Finally it's time!!! I see the wedding party, all dressed to kill, baby, red bottomed down. My kids looking crisp and even Playa has on his tux. My heart begins to beat faster and faster. The doors open and it's wedding time. I am R-E-A-D-Y!!!

I walked down that aisle as a proud papa, with my five kids at my side. My only daughter was radiant and my sons were dapper. We all walk that aisle together. Did you hear me say -- we walked together? Life could not be any better for me right now.

As I watched the wedding party come down the aisle, I’m thought of fond memories of times with my wife NeNe from times past. I silently chuckled and took in the beauty of every member of our party. Gasner sang soo meaningful for the ceremony. Great, great job!