Gross! This Wedding Minister Projectile Vomits In The Middle Of The Vows

The bride just keeps on truckin'.

These 27 seconds will not be a waste, promise.

In so short a time, there are so many things to focus on here. For one, the minister projectile vomits right as the bride is promising to love the groom. The bride ignores it. The groom ignores it. This lady is determined to get married, so the couple just continue on while someone right in front of their eyes gets very sick.

There's the helpful maid of honor who first goes into complete shock, then she's the only one who actually rushes to help the poor woman.

The vomiter also drops to the ground, it's not like she made a quick recovery. Then there's the eyeroll and facial expression she makes before the stuff shoots out.

She's also careful not to bump the candles behind her, that would have resulted in a vomitous fire, worse than just plain old vomit.

Oh, there's just so much. But we really do hope she's OK. The bride, on the other hand, could use a lesson in manners.

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