Guilt Free Mom In Need of Peace *Escapes* Children By Locking Herself In the Pantry

No shame in her hide n' seek game.

Listen, every good mom needs a minute of peace, there’s nothing wrong with a breather—even if it's while you’re locked in a pantry with a bag of Twizzlers.

This exhausted—and hysterical—mom did just that while her husband was out shoveling snow and her kids were driving her nuts with their chitter chatter and demands.

She couldn’t even get away, as her adorable daughter is seen peeking under the door saying “hi.”

The video, shared on Reddit by user Thund3rbolt, led to many funny mom tales of just trying to get away—if only for a minute.

“My son likes to pretend I'm a monster and lock me in the closet. Today I sat in the closet for 30 minutes. It was relaxing in there,” wrote one mom.

Thunderjugs writes, “My daughter likes to play a game where ‘mommy fell asleep’ and I lay on the floor with my eyes closed. Pretty much the best game ever.”

Another says, “Ah yes. My daughter likes to play daddy’s sick. I get to lie there while she pats my head and tucks me in over and over. Its magical.”

One man writes: “My parents liked to play a game called ‘Summer in Alaska,’ where they send me to bed at 4pm and then they get blackout drunk.”

Another mom’s genius idea: “Doctor/patient, prisoner/guard games work too. Just make sure you're the one who can't move.”

KonaKona even knows how to trick out the hiding spot, writing, “You should build a nest in there and bring some books and a flashlight. Or an e-reader with a backlight. Maybe some snacks, too. I spent a good chunk of my childhood holed up in my closet with my books. It's cozy if you trick it out right.”

One commenter Summed it up with:

“Wow, tough crowd in here. Cant tell if people are that clueless or what.... If you have kids, this is very funny…Joking about having to hide from them is hilarious as you can't go the bathroom without them coming in. Does quickly getting ONE minute of alone time mean you shouldn't have had kids or don't want kids? Hell No, it means you’re a normal human being. The comments about her being bad parent or then she shouldn’t have kids just confirms their ignorance.”

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