Gummy Bears Will Never Taste the Same Again After You See This Horrifying Video of How They're Made

Watch them wiggle, see them jiggle.

Plenty of appealing foods fall under the "you'll sleep much better if you don't know how they're made" category. That includes everything from foie gras to shredded Parmesan—and, hell, just about any meat or seafood dish imaginable. (And yes, we're carnivores.) But the must-avoid-seeing-how-they're-made category usually doesn't include those lovely gummy candies in pretty colors that come in adorable little pouches. 

It's not that we didn't know gummy candies usually involve gelatin, a pigskin byproduct that we'd prefer not to see in our sweet treats. It's that we've heretofore repressed this fact. But now, after watching a certain video, repression is no longer an option.

That's because the gummy-candy-making process is a total horror show, and a scene from this video wouldn't look out of place on Stranger Things. Filmmaker Alina Kneepkens in Belgium made the mini-documentary for the Flemish broadcaster Vrt's Over Eten (On Food) series, which lets viewers watch the process of making certain foods in reverse. Which, truthfully, just makes the whole thing all the more nauseating—like trying to eat lunch while sitting in a backwards-facing seat on a train. Warning to those of delicate constitution: You'll want to close your eyes at around 1:02.

Did that waiting list for those rosé bears just get a wee bit shorter?

[via HuffPo]

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