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Guys Are Now Using A Special App To Get Out Of Paying For Dates

There's going Dutch, then there's charging your date after the fact.

As if dating isn’t hard enough.

Now a new trend is happening and it’s become a staple for millennials. Guys have been using the hugely popular app Venmo to go Dutch—after their dates already home in their pajamas, probably happy they don't have to sit with you any longer. 

Here’s how it works. Venmo was created to solve the awkward problem of having to settle the tab or split the dinner check at the table (we all know that one troublemaker who “only had one drink.” Please.) So, if you are a member, which is free, the app allows you to type in a person’s name and pay them instantly after linking to your credit card account. There is no service fee and it’s simple to set up. 

But tales of guys using the app after the date is over has been upsetting to some women, one who told the New York Post that a date charged her $30 for pizza and wine. She completely stopped texting him. Another said she was asked to pay for a $3 well drink, which she did, then promptly stopped talking to the guy. 

The app, launched in 2012, has run into a bit of trouble though, it also publishes a live list of financial transactions among your friends and others, John paid for a kayak trip, Andrew for dinner at an Italian place, and on and on. If you don’t set your transactions to private, people can see what you’re charging and paying for. The Texas Attorney General has required that Venmo tell users “clearly and conspicuously” that it makes certain features public unless users take steps to turn them off.

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