Of Course Gwyneth Paltrow Gave Her New Travel App a Very Cheeky Name

Goop fears no audacious content.

Gwyneth Paltrow is not one to shy away from envelope-pushing topics: After all, she recently offered a bold recommendation for her favorite $15,000 sex toy on her site, Goop.

Now, she's extending the Goop lifestyle brand further with an overhauled travel app called — wait for it — G. Spotting. It came out earlier this week, and she discussed the app at the Airbnb Open conference in Los Angeles. (That's also where Ashton Kutcher revealed a surprising detail about his life following his divorce from Demi Moore.)

The new Goop offshoot is meant to provide "in-depth and authentic guides to some of our favorite cities around the world," according to its description. "With guides for New York, London, Los Angeles, and more, you’ll find well-known haunts, little-known gems, and plenty of insider resources, sourced from our own editors, Gwyneth, and friends of Goop. Restaurants, specialty shops, boutiques, hotels, museums, culture, and all the services both locals and travelers lean on."

So think of it as a way to guarantee you have a Gwyneth-approved vacation in any of 25 cities around the globe... whether or not you'll be traveling with your sex toys.

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