Epic Hack Gets You Business Class for the Price of Coach — If You Do This 1 Thing 20 Times

You just need a little patience.

If you’re willing to jump through a few inconvenient hoops (and many folks would be, to score a coveted upgrade in this most undignified era for coach), you can fly to Europe in high style right now on a regular-person budget.

Blog God Save the Points has uncovered a way to get you on a long-haul business-class flight, for just about $500 — and that’s the cost of a coach ticket on a decent day. The way it works is that you take advantage of an offer from rental car company Hertz, which is offering 5,000 miles for each one-day car rental around the world. At the same time, Scandinavian airline SAS is also offering business-class flights between Europe and the U.S. or Asia for 100,000 miles.

So do a little math, and you'll see that that means all you have to do is rent a Hertz car for 20 days and you're golden. But that would be too easy, right?

Indeed, you have to rent and return a vehicle every day for 20 days, because the single 20-day rental won’t get you the miles.

But if you figure each car rental day rate is about $25, that puts your ticket at $500 — and it could easily be worth thousands of dollars.

So who has the time — and patience — to play the game?

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