Pick a Halloween Candy and We Will Accurately Predict Your Favorite Housewife (With 100 Percent Accuracy!)

'Cause your fave candy is the No. 1 indicator of your personality. (Right?)

Y’know how when people talk about wine, they get ridiculously specific in their tasting notes? Like, “Ahhh, yesss, yesss, the honeyed acidity of the Chamomile gives this Chenin Blanc a medicinal quality,” or whatever?

Well — FUN FACT — Halloween candy is just as multilayered and complex as your fave vintage! People just don’t treat it with the same reverence because it’s made of pure sugar and packaged in neon and generally marketed towards children and has no nutritional value, et cetera.

But truly, each and every Halloween candy boasts a specific flavor profile — from the saccharine headrush of Nerds to the decadent richness of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup — and we daresay those palates closely match the personalities of some of our favorite Housewives. So by the transitive power of psychology and candy, your fave treat probably matches your fave ‘Wife.

So go ahead: Simply select your favorite Halloween candy, and we, in turn, will reveal your favorite Housewife — with 100 percent accuracy.

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