Hamsterfeld: The Seinfeld Hamster Remake That’s Truly About Nothing

These pellets are making me thirsty!

We have two interests in this world: animals and pop culture. Sometimes, those two interests converge, and we wind up with a Venn diagram center featuring Lisa Vanderpump, Eddie from Frasier—and Mashable’s hamster pop culture remake videos.

Today, they bring us Hamsterfeld, a Seinfeld remake starring (dih) hamsters from the Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven. Unlike the original Seinfeld—which claimed to be about nothing but always wound up being about Chinese restaurants or birth control—Hamsterfeld is truly about nothing. No “fluffy shirt,” no “hamster of his domain,” no “you can’t ‘yada yada yada’ salt licks!” Okay we’ll stop now. Enjoy!

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