Someone Tweeted About "Hand Salad" and the Internet Thought It Was the Dumbest Thing Ever

No hands were harmed in the making of this salad.

People tend to have strong opinions about the way certain foods are eaten. For example, there are specific foods you’re meant to eat with your hands (e.g. BLTs, tacos, pizza) and there are specific foods you’re meant to eat with utensils (e.g. soup, spaghetti, yogurt).

Obviously there are exceptions to these rules, for example portable squeezable yogurt or not understanding what it means to be a New Yorker, but by and large we’ve all agreed to follow certain social norms when it comes to food consumption—and we stick by them.

So when Bon Appétit recently tweeted a new recipe for its utensil-free dish called “Hand Salad,” people had…strong reactions.

Described as “snaggable, snackable wedges,” hand salad basically involves dipping lettuce leaves into ranch, or any creamy dressing, and eating it with your hands. The concoction first appeared in Bon Appétit’s May 2016 issue, but for some reason that recipe flew under the outrage-radar until its recent revival on Twitter, which even had the Washington Post weighing in:

appreciate the Washington Post for standing up for what's right #HANDSALAD

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(Need we remind you this is a national newspaper, which recently changed its masthead to read “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” covering Hand Salad-gate?)

The recipe clearly struck a chord with folks. When a dish is named after a body part—say, for example, chicken feet salad or lamb’s face salad—we expect that the recipe contains said parts. So Hand Salad feels like false advertising (and thank goodness for that). Plus, it just seems like a lame recipe. Lettuce leaves dipped in dressing—really?

It reminds us of another infamous recipe: Gourmet 's Salted Water for Boiling.

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