Harrison Ford Had a Strong Word for Himself After He Nearly Caused a Horrible Plane Crash

This according to new audio from the flight tower.

Sure, known aviator Harrison Ford may have almost caused a horrific plane crash when he landed his single-engine airplane on the taxiway at Orange County's John Wayne airport last month — coming terrifyingly close to an American Airlines 737 jet on that descent.

But at least he knew he blew it. According to new audio between Harrison and the airport tower, obtained by TMZ, the star took responsibility right away for the action, which could have been tragic. And he used both a strong self-deprecating word (and perhaps a bit of a too-casual sense of humor?) to describe the near-catastrope: "I'm the schmuck who landed on the taxiway," he said, according to the communication.

The FAA is currently investigating the incident.

For the record, although private aviation doesn't come close to enjoying the same safety record, commercial air travel — in particular among United States carriers — is actually incredibly safe. Indeed, a U.S.-based commercial airliner in flight was actually the safest place to be in the world last year.

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