Haven't Registered to Vote Yet? Now You Can "Guac the Vote" at That Corner Taco Truck

It's now officially OK to mix politics and dinner.

If you're hard pressed to decide between registering to vote or running out to grab lunch, now you don't have to. When Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez warned that if Hillary Clinton were to win the election, there’d be “taco trucks on every corner,"  he sparked widespread confusion as to how exactly that’s a bad thing. One unintended consequence of that comment? The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is spearheading a drive to register voters at taco trucks.

Whichever party you're registering with, now you can exercise your right to vote while also eating more tacos: a win-win, no?

Javier Palomarez, president of U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, told NBC News that the organization is hoping to involve more than 200 local chambers of commerce and business associations in this voter registration initiative.  With the voter registration deadline for the presidential election just a month away, this is a chance to corral more people at the last minute. And while the Guac the Vote team says the initiative is bipartisan, some of these taco trucks have been parking outside Trump rallies and reporting brisk business—although whether that's from Trump supporters or protesters is unknown. The organization also plans to park taco trucks outside polling stations come election day. 

So much for avoiding politics at the dinner table.

(Via NBC News

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