Here Is What All Unhappy Couples Have In Common

Well, denial, for one.

When you find yourself wrapping your arms around a new person you’re excited to fall in love with, you never imagine the moment in your relationship when you’re rolling your eyes, letting out elongated sighs, and wondering how you two found yourself in such an unhappy and hopeless place.

It’s common for relationships to have their ebb and flow moments. There will be times, of course, where your significant other will make you feel like you’re dancing on the moon, and there will be other times when they make you feel like you’re arguing with a temper tantrum toddler. But how do you know if the relationship you’re in is one that’s heading downhill?

Take a look at five key things that all unhappy couples have in common.

1.  The words don't flow out of their mouths

When you don’t have the urge, the energy, or even the desire to communicate how you’re feeling and why you’re feeling that way, you’ll enter any and all arguments like you’re ready for a battle. Having fluid communication and even the know-how to take a step back and explain what’s going on in your head, will give your relationship the grease it needs to slide forward and into a solid and happy place.

2.  Everything is an excuse

Instead of just admitting why you didn’t do something or why you don’t want to do something, unhappy couples are always making excuses. They lack honesty in their answers and therefore, hide behind justifications or even empty apologies. 

3.  The denial is real

Nobody needs to tell you if you are in a happy or unhappy relationship. The truth is, you know that. Listen to your gut. Soak in how you feel about the person you’re sharing a bed with every single morning. If you’re miserable but you’re hoping things will improve or think it’s just a phase, you’re actually becoming a stage five clinger to a little something called denial. 

4.  They frown more than they smile

Count how many times you smile verse frown when you’re around your partner. If you’re constantly raising your voice, feeling grumpy inside, or even just rolling your eyes more times a day than you are laughing and smiling, the unhappiness is real.

5.  Your outlook on life is negative

When you’re in a relationship that brings you down, it brings everything around you down. You may find yourself looking at the world, your to-do list, and even other people in your life, through an unnecessarily negative lens.  

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