Here's How One Hysterical Wife Makes Sure Her Husband's Wedding Ring Stays On

She wants that ring to stay put. 

Some spouses don't mind their other half not wearing a wedding ring, Others, well, you're dead if you remove it.

This wife found an interesting way to haunt her husband with her hysterical words whenever he takes his wedding ring off.

Amanda Tallman of Lake Orion, Michigan, married her husband, Daniel, in 2011, and engraved the inside of his wedding band to read simply: “Put it back on.”

The ring is working—three children and five years of marriage later, the couple is going strong.

A friend of the couple posted a photo of the ring on Imgur, where it racked up nearly 800,000 views and sparked some interesting ring engraving stories from strangers.

"Engraved inside my wedding ring is "shut up and love it" :) Inside hers is "lets get a slushie" (Heathers)," one user wrote.

Another warned of a ringless husband: “My husband never wore his. ‘It doesn’t fit’ ‘it's uncomfortable.’ He ended up cheating on me for years. Make sure he keeps this on.”

One woman wrote: “Keeping the ring on doesn't stop a cheater from cheating nor does not wearing one cause someone to cheat. I'm sorry your ex was an ass.”

Another joked: “My ring says 'Marry That Ass'. We're classy.”

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