Here's How to Visit the National Parks Like the 1 Percent — By Private Jet

For big spenders who'd sooner be caught dead than camping.

This week, the National Park Service is marking a major milestone: its 100th birthday! Maybe you're celebrating the occasion by booking a rustic campsite, or packing up the RV. What's that you say? You'd rather die than suffer such humble accommodations?

Well, then maybe you'd like to hear about an alternate way to have the park experience in truly luxurious style, leaving those other suckers literally in the dust. Intrigued yet? If so, make sure your checking account balance is solid before reading on.

Luxury travel company Privel is offering a new itinerary for September with Austin Adventures and Xanterra that gets you around the best of the west with a private, first-class feel. (No canvas tents or pit toilets here — no way.)

The twelve-day journey starts in Sin City, at the Four Seasons, of course. That's your launch pad out to Death Valley, and from there its on to Yosemite, where a pro photographer will teach you how to capture shots just like Ansel Adams.

Throughout, imagine an expedition packed with five-star, farm-to-table cuisine, unique adventures, cool-down or hot-stone massages, world-class guides, historic lodges, and the best views of America's natural treasures.

At Grand Teton National Park, for example, you take flight in a hot air balloon, spend the day fly-fishing and indulge in a riverside dinner by a private Tipi camp.

To round out the exhilarating and relaxing excursion, you navigate Route 66 with your vintage sports car to your private jet.

Starting at $49,000, this travel package is not even that extravagant compared to some other packages on the market. So who's ready for an all-American adventure?

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