Here's the Farthest Michael Strahan Can Get From Kelly Ripa for a Post-Show Breather

We're not picking a side — merely offering a solution.

Look, we're not here to weigh in on the drama between Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. We're merely bystanders to the feud (albeit with a large tub of popcorn).

But what we do know for sure is that after Strahan's last official day on Live! With Kelly and Michael — that's May 13 — he's probably going to be in the market for a serious vacation. And from where we sit, it seems likely that he might like that vacation to be as far away from Kelly as possible for a bit of much-needed breathing room. (We're guessing Kelly would be in favor of that approach too.)

So where should Michael choose? Well, to get as far away as possible on earth from Kelly... he should plan a visit down under. Specifically, to Perth, Australia which is nearly 12,000 miles from the studio in New York. (He could get a bit further, actually, but then he'd be in the water.)

In Perth, he can enjoy the King's Park and Botanic Garden, the most popular visitor destination in Western Australia, with tons of chances to relax (and recover from those awkward show moments) among bushland and parkland. Or he can take in expansive city and water views from the popular Fraser Avenue Lookout.

As of this writing, Etihad was offering the best airfare between the destinations, with just one stop and a trip totalling a scant 27 hours and 20 minutes. But man, that time would fly by if Michael books in the airline's epic three-room flying Residence class

Hey, just saying.

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