Here's the *New* Way to Wear Rainbows on Your Face

This may raise some eyebrows.

Everything's coming up rainbows—at least in the beauty biz. If you're refreshing BitterLace Beauty's Etsy page every five seconds trying to get that freakin' rainbow palatte, you're well aware of the highighter that's basically the Cabbage Patch Kid of beauty. (Nutshell: Everybody wants it.)

Celebs like Rita Ora have made their manes a little more magical by hopping on the rainbow hair trend.

A photo posted by Rita Ora (@ritaora) on

Rainbow eyelashes (er, #RainbowLashes) are also a thing, with enthusiasts slapping on Halloween-style falsies or even getting lash extensions in ROYGBIV.

Forward-thinking brands like MAC are all about rainbow-hued pouts.

And now, we welcome the latest version of rainbow beauty: rainbow eyebrows. Beauty brand Winky Lux makes a rainbow brow palette that's selling like colorful hot cakes.

So, guys, what's the next iteration of rainbow-hued beauty? And before you guess rainbow armpits... well, that's already been done. (We're cringing in every color.)

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