Hero Dog Rescues Friend from River, But Honestly He Probably Just Wanted His Stick?

Not to be realists but...

In their heart of hearts, dogs are incredibly brave, deeply loyal, and prone to put others before themselves. There was the black lab who saved a drowning man during Hurricane Katrina! There was the golden retriever who saved a young child from a poisonous snake! There was the half-wolf German shepherd who dug an elderly couple out of a snowstorm!

And now there’s this dog, whose incredible rescue of his friend is very quickly going viral. In the most dramatic interpretation of the video, Black Dog leaps into a river to fetch a large stick, then is swept downstream into a dangerous crevasse. Golden Dog, watching the scene, risks life and limb to rescue his friend by pulling him out with his mouth—via the very same large stick that caused the incident.

In the more realistic interpretation, Golden Dog just really, really wanted that delicious-looking stick. From the Argentinian owner’s YouTube page: “They play always in water and they know really good this part of the river.” Okay, but STILL. He could have been drowning!

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