Hilary Duff Stole Her Best Advice for Hosting Holiday Parties From Ina Garten

Don't mind if we do crib this one too!

Imagine how tight your holiday parties would be if Ina Garten was your friend, offering guidance along the way. Luckily, the Barefoot Contessa shares her best tips in her cookbooks... and her readers include celebrities like Hilary Duff, who has found that Ina's advice makes all the difference in creating a fun and low-stress meal.

“One thing that I’ve learned is to give people jobs so everyone is involved,” Duff told People. “Not necessarily like a potluck — although I do that, too — if I’m serving dinner and making appetizers and stuff, when people are arriving I like to give them little jobs and I think everybody wants that."

It's a good way to liven up the party, which might already be awkward for a million family reasons.

"No one wants to sit there and feel useless," she said. "So even if it’s like slicing up a cucumber or putting the crackers on a cheese plate or stirring the pot so it doesn’t burn, it’s actually really helpful and it brings everyone together.”

Brilliant. Sold!


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