Hillary Clinton Could've Avoided Fainting from Dehydration If She'd Only Been Wearing THIS

This little gadget just might keep you out of the international news headlines.

What if, after a night of drinking or an afternoon in the sun, you suddenly get dizzy, nauseous or super-thirsty—and you pass out? Mortifying, but it happens to so many of us at some point, and only because we've forgotten to do one simple thing: Drink enough water. Reports claim that more than 75 percent of adults are chronically dehydrated.

The fainting spell that Hillary Clinton experienced at the 9/11 memorial ceremony this year, and that made headlines worldwide, was actually a result of dehydration, not the pneumonia she's been fighting. What could she have done to avoid it, besides remember to hydrate properly? And how can we remember to water ourselves throughout the day (or a night out), short of tattooing a reminder on both hands?

A company called BSX Athletics has an idea: A new wearable hydration monitor called the LVL. The monitor is currently in the Kickstarter phase and has already raised four times its goal as of press time, with more than a month to go. Its claim? That it can help people avoid dehydration by letting wearers monitor their hydration easily, all day long. The bracelet alerts you about your hydration level, heart rate and activity, and gives you a heads-up if you need to water yourself, especially if, say, you're out drinking and forget (whoops) to drink anything besides tequila all night. 

"There are constant body functions and physiologic processes that need proper hydration to function optimally," Dr. Nada Milosavljevic, Director of Integrative Health at Mass General Hospital in Boston, tells The Feast. “Dehydration can be dangerous because it can negatively affect fluid volume in the vessels. Without adequate fluid volume in the body we risk electrolyte and salt imbalance.” 

But now that we have wearables for everything from monitoring sleep to counting the steps we take in a day, do we really need one more to add to our wardrobe? It wouldn't hurt, says Dr. Milosavljevic. “Through wearables, the new behavior or healthy habit becomes engrained in our daily routine. In time, it happens with greater ease...almost effortlessly.”

The LVL Monitor. Photo courtesy of BSX Athletics/Kickstarter.

Let's hope someone will soon invent a wearable to monitor how much pizza we’re eating. Actually, forget it; we don't want to know.

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