Hot New Pet Trend Outta Hong Kong: Put All Your Dogs in Baby Strollers

Real baby, fur baby, toss 'em all in a pram!

Walking your dog: What a racket, are we right?! It’s like, you adopted this perfectly good, perfectly adorable pupper that will give you lots of snuggles and kisses, but then, what, you have to exercise it? And inadvertently get exercise yourself? Sorry, did we sign up for a snuggly best friend or a TRIATHALON?

Well the good people of Hong Kong have come up with a solution. Don’t walk your dogs at all—just push ‘em around in baby prams—a pragmatic solution for a city with of the lowest-birthing rates in the world! What started out as an eccentric choice has turned into a full-blown trend: Everybody’s doing it, and the dogs themselves look overjoyed with the VIP treatment. So what if their muscles atrophy? (THAT IS A J/K, PLEASE KEEP YOUR PETS HEALTHY.)

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