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Distressed Dog Collapses in Stranger’s Yard—Then a Generous Man Saves His Life

Milo’s post-rescue happiness brought us to tears.

Another day, another inspirational dog video from Hope for Paws. The Los Angeles-based animal rescue received a call about a stray dog that wandered into a stranger’s yard and then collapsed. With a seemingly broken paw, the dog was clearly in a great amount of distress—until Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte gently lifted him in the back of their van and rushed him to the hospital.

The examination confirmed that the dog—now called Milo—was suffering from an infection and needed rehabilitation. But with the right medical care and a little patience, Milo was able to overcome his ailments and transform into a playful, affectionate, and joyous pup! He has since been adopted into his fur-ever home, courtesy of Cause for SB Paws.

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