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Rescue of Four Kittens From a 60-Foot Drainpipe Will Have You Holding Your Breath

We actually forgot about oxygen for a few minutes there.

Hope for Paws is no stranger to a dramatic rescue. The organization seems to make miracles happen on a regular basis: You can see recent examples of a homeless pit bull and her eight puppies that were saved during a downpour, or a terrified, injured doggo being gently coaxed out of fear. (Warning: Both of those videos are guaranteed to make you cry.)

And while the non-profit does tend to specialize in dogs, they will never turn away an animal in need. These four stray kittens are a fine example of the lengths Hope for Paws will go to in order to save lives.

A non-feral cat and her kittens are caught deep in a 60’ drain pipe. Getting them out safely is not only difficult, but dangerous—their tiny, newborn limbs could easily get caught on debris and injured. But with a little ingenuity involving a remote controlled car, a tiny camera, and a carefully wrapped pole, Eldad and crew breathlessly bring the babies out into the light—and happily back with their mama in a warm, safe, foster home!

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