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Scared Stray Dog Has Heartwarming Transformation When Humans Show Her Kindness

We're not crying. YOU'RE CRYING! Shut up.

When a scared stray dog was discovered near Los Angeles Airport, the rescuers from Hope for Paws knew they had to save her. They tried all of their usual tactics, but the pup was so deeply terrified of humans, she dodged all of their advances. She skittered here and there and even buried herself under a mass of twigs and spiderwebs.

Once they finally got her in hand, her terror was palpable. Her eyes were so big and frightened, she bared her teeth, and it almost looked like she was about to cry. But after mere minutes of being gently pet and treated to some kindness, her trepidation fell away and she changed into a completely new dog. Her transformation—and her resulting joy—will leave you in tears!

If you would like to support Hope For Paws' rescue efforts, please visit their website.

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