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If You Feel Like Crying, Watch This Stray Dog Mom React To Her Puppies Being Rescued

Her gratitude is so pure!

Here at Unleashed, we believe in two things and two things only: The goodness and purity of animals, and the curative benefits of a nice, long crying session. And that's why we keep coming back to Hope for Paws again and again—they are the arbiters of ameliorative animal rescue content.

Today's video features a stray dog mom who had just given birth to six puppies in a bush (are your eyes welling up yet?). With nowhere to go and no salvation in sight, both mama and babies would have been at risk for starvation. Luckily, a good samaritan alerted Hope for Paws, and they quickly arrived at the scene. One by one, they cautiously lifted out the puppies, making sure to show the mother that they were in good hands, and as soon as they brought the mother out to be with her babies, she literally smiled with gratitude.

The mother and puppies were transported to the hospital where they were bathed, examined, and given a clean bill of health. All seven are now living in foster care. If you're interested in adoption, please visit A.R.T. N Paws Animal Rescue.

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