You Like Hot Guys? You Like Cute Dogs? Then This Hot Guys-and-Cute-Dogs Post is For You!

Two things we can all agree on.

Faithful readers of Unleashed have probably noticed that we cover a lot of v. v. serious and important issues. A Pizza Hut run entirely by cats. Kyle Richards’ new giant dog, Storm. A hedgehog dressed as a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

But sometimes we need to take a break from such hardcore investigative journalism and relax with a little eye candy. That’s why we were like, “Hey lovely Photo Editor! Please pull us your very finest photographs of hot guys with dogs, post-haste!” And she was like “Sure, here you go.” And then we assembled them into this post, just for you.


Here's a hot guy hoisting two terriers before a Mud Run or something.

Here's a hot guy hanging out with two Husky puppies in a haze of light.

Here's a hot guy with large ear gauges and a tiny pug writing a Post-It note.

Here's a hot guy who kind of looks like Josh Groban frolicking on the beach with a pup.

Here's a hot guy surfing with an extremely talented pup who should join the Rose Bowl next year.

Here's a hot guy who took off his shirt in a park and replaced it with a fluffy poocher.

Here's a hot guy who took off his shirt in a grey room and replaced it with a pittie.

Here's a hot guy using a Shar Pei as his personal barbell.

Here's a hot guy with a kind smile posing with a spaniel for an OKCupid profile pic probably.

Here's a hot guy with a man bun and a wet golden retriever enjoying a rural adventure.

Here's a hot guy with a tiny fluffy dog enjoying a metropolitan adventure.

Here's a hot guy with very impressive arm muscles and a Samoyed that's even prettier than he is.

Here's a hot guy napping in the sun like a cat even though he's actually holding a dog.

And finally, here's a hot guy napping on a tile floor which looks pretty uncomfortable, save for the tiny bulldog he's holding.

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