How One Tech App Is Making Your Sex Life Better, Even When You’re Apart

Oh, technology.

Being miles apart from your partner can put a damper on anyone’s sex life. But adventurous duos are discovering new ways to keep up a healthy sex life, even when they are in different zip codes, thanks to a new app.

We-Vibe, which created Sync, the first couple’s vibrator designed to be worn during intercourse (adding even more intensity for both partners), has released its “We-Connect” app. And yes, it does exactly what you’re thinking.

“We recognized that not all couples have the opportunity to live under the same roof. So we created We-Connect to allow you to connect with your partner and have them control your vibrator from anywhere in the world,” shares Tristan Weedmark, We-Vibe’s Global Passion Ambassador.

How does it work? The vibrator has Bluetooth technology that can be paired to the We-Connect app, available on both Android and Apple platforms (thank goodness!). Log in with a discreet icon and unique PIN for privacy, and let the games begin.

“Long distance relationships are getting a facelift on how they stay sexually connected,” Tristan explains. “With this device and app, couples are able to video chat, voice chat or text, all the while having their partner control their vibrator. It’s a new form of intimacy that can happen from New York to Australia.”

Wishing your lover would leave town just to give the app a try? No need. Couples are finding inventive ways to work their apparatus, even when living under the same roof. Tristan shares, “I have people call and say, ‘Oh my gosh, I love it for date night.’ You wear it out to dinner or to the movie, and your partner has control. It’s just another way to add a little bit of kink to your routine date night.”

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