If You Don't Have Time to Wait for Water to Boil, But You DO Have Time to Binge Watch TV — This Life Hack’s For You!

This will change the way you make pasta… FOREVER.

You know what they say: A watched pot never boils. But you know what else they say? A watched episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey never fails to be so riveting that you’ll forget you have a pot boiling; please pay attention to your stove lest your house burn down.

Okay so maaaybe we just made up that second saying, but the sentiment is real. Who has time to hold vigil over a hot quart of H20 when there is so much reality TV to be consumed?! It is the year 2017, goddammit — how are we still manually boiling water like cavemen?!

While we patiently wait for Elon Musk to introduce the BoilBot3000, we have an interim solution. A genius Twitter user named @JustinHillister shared the following life hack, which allows you to have your hot water and Housewives too.

Justin simply propped his wife’s iPhone up on a Tupperware container so that it was looking over his pot of water, and then he FaceTime’d himself so he could watch TV in the other room while still keeping an eye on its boiling status. Is it too early to nominate this guy for an Edison Award?

Anyway, there you have it. You can now get your pasta on without missing a moment of Teresa Giudice constantly talking about getting her pasta on.

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