How to Do Full-On Luxury in the South-of-the-Border City Everyone's Talking About

Olé all day.

The New York Times named Mexico City No. 1 on its annual travel list of "52 Places to Go." But even more significant in the pop culture realm, the most recent Bachelor went to the south-of-the-border locale to have some fun and find love. So you know it's a hot destination right now.

And it's plain to see why: Mexico City is full of rich history, fascinating culture, and gratifying gastronomy that's worth a trip beyond simply Cinco de Mayo. (Although, hey, salud especially on May 5!) If you're planning a visit to see it for yourself, here's our guide to where to...

1.  Stay

The recently renovated Four Seasons Mexico City features checkered floors and an indoor courtyard that's reminiscent of the Peninsula Paris. 

Its take on the colonial style is sleek. Amenities include a barbershop, turn-down service, and a fabulous Sunday brunch filled with seafood. There's a cute bakery and a notable bar, to boot. 

The concierge service will take care of all your booking needs — naturally.

2.  Eat

The soups at the majestic, 17th-century monastery turned hacienda at San Angel Inn are memorably divine. Enjoy it in the meticulous, flowery courtyard, amid stone fountains.  

For dinner, try the six-course tasting menu at Pujol, with one of the most famous and innovative chefs. You might die of delight from all the mole madre — just make sure you get reservations way in advance and pair your dinner with Mexican rose.  

3.  Drink

With its round bar and exposed brick, La Taberna de Luciferina is super cool, with an air of not even trying. The cocktail scene here is quietly thriving and you'll feel like you're in New York City's hip Lower East Side when entering a secret door from a bustling restaurant to a skull-tastic speakeasy called Jules Basement.

4.  See

With continuing deals at La Ciudadela along with a blossoming design scene, there are plenty of places to shop and play. As for other activities, there's no need to take a hike if you're floating above it all like a Mexican goddess: See the Teotihuacan pyramids by balloon or on the grounds privately with an archeologist.

While Mexico City boasts a gazillion marvelous museums like the famed Casa Azul honoring Frida Kahlo, see some of the most well-known works of artist housed at her patron's estate, Museo Dolores Olmedo.

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