How to Get to a “Good Place" in Your Relationship

Here’s how to know if you and your partner are stagnant or thriving. 

You know when you ask someone about their relationship and they say, "We're in a good place?" It's always good to hear. But what exactly does it mean? No fighting or bickering? Well, it's knowing you are once again going to have a fight but right this minute, things are peaceful.  

Fran Greene, relationship expert and author of The Flirting Bible, tells Personal Space that couples can drift into their own worlds often taking their partner for granted until one of them says, "this is not working."

"It is an icy shock to the system and then you scramble to make everything better,” she says. 

Here are four simple steps to keep your relationship alive—or get it back on track if it goes off course—and get yourself to "the good place."

1.  Treat each other as if you were dating

"Look your best and your hottest, compliment each other, listen attentively, be affectionate and be your partner's biggest cheerleader," Fran says.

2.  Plan a date night every week

"Make it a priority just like everything else on your calendar.  Be sure not to double book," Fran says.

3.  Do a joint gratitude journal

"It's easy and  powerful," Fran says. "Each of you write down one thing per day that you are grateful for. At the end of each week you exchange journals. It's an amazing way to tell each other how important you are to each other. It feels so great."

4.  Make a list of what you need more of, less of, and the same from your partner

"Your partner should do the same. This is a perfect springboard to hear what your partner needs and wants from you and vice versa."

Fran adds that, "Love grows if it is cared for.”

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