Here’s How to Know If Your Relationship Will Make It Long-Term

Focus on these traits to live happily ever after. 

Think about this: most people break up. At some point, a relationship or a marriage comes to an end. But some couples do make it to the “till death do us part” stage, but how? No, they’re not in a perfect relationship, they just know how to navigate the ups and downs together and have a real love for each other that trumps everything else. 

New York based relationship expert and dating site Platinum Poire co-founder Rori Sassoon breaks down how to tell if a couple (maybe you and your significant other) will make it for the long haul. 

“The number one thing I see is that there is an effortlessness that is happening in the relationship,” she says. “You speak the same language, and the communication is open completely.”

Rori says that these types of couples are open and honest even when they’re really upset—they don’t let anger build up. 

“You should never ever ever go to bed angry, I’m a very big fan of that,” she says. 

Also, your circle of family and friends really do need to approve in order for the relationship to have the support it needs. 

“If your people are saying, ‘I’ve never seen you so happy’ and ‘you are best version of yourself with this person,’ it’s a good sign they will go the distance,” she says. 

“If your partner also empowers you to follow your dreams, especially in your career where every day you wake up and are busy with work, if they give you a couple of words of comfort and you feel you can conquer the world when you have that person on your side, then that’s your person,” she says. 

And trust is also essential. 

“I don’t want to always be looking over your shoulder, I want to feel like I can totally trust you, Rori says. “Nobody wants to be disappointed you want to trust that person.

“Overall, you want to make your partner number one, that person needs to be the priority. At the end of the day if you want your marriage to last you and your husband need respect, trust, and admiration.”

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