Love It or Hate It

The Snoopy Sushi Roll Had Us Hanging Our Heads in Shame, But We Secretly Love It

Your dog is turning into a sushi roll, Charlie Brown.

Let's recap the recent sushi headlines: Sushi burgers, sushi donuts, $500 sushi, and now...Snoopy sushi. We wanted to cry out of shame and sadness when we heard about Snoopy sushi. But then we rustled up our strength and took a look at the video that shows how to make it. And as we watched the careful rolling technique, the attention to detail, the pretty-normal-looking ingredients (ok, so there's blue food coloring in the rice), we felt our tremendous love of Snoopy and the whole Peanuts gang well up. And we couldn't help feeling a surge of admiration for anyone who can make a sushi roll that (granted, might bear zero resemblance to anything even remotely authentic) looks a hell of a lot like Snoopy. So here's that video, via Tastemade. Do with this what you will.

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