How to Make Sure Your Thanksgiving Dinner is Fight Free This Year

Don't be throwing any turkey legs in this house. 

The countdown for stuffing yourself silly with turkey, apple pie, and conversations with family members you only see a handful of times a year, is right around the corner.

While Thanksgiving dinners should be consumed with chats about what each and every person is thankful for, this year there’s a worry the conversation may take a turn, perhaps as to who won and lost the election. If you’re looking to keep the dinner table drama free, you may have to get extra creative this year.

1.  Make a dollar donation rule

Set a rule in place, before any food is put on the table, that if anyone brings up politics, that that person has to donate $5 to a charity. Establish where you’d like to donate the money to ahead of time. That way, if the topic of the election keeps ambushing your Thanksgiving dinner, there’s at least something good that’ll come from it. 

2.  Set a window for people to vent

Since it’s almost inevitable for people to stay hush hush about off-limit topics, give everyone a set window of time when they are allowed to vent and comment on the current events. Once that time frame is over, so is the conversation.

3.  Print out a funny letter to hand out

It may be hard to convince your guests mid-conversation to drop heated talk. You may want to print out a humorous and serious letter to put on everyone’s place setting about why you’d like to keep this meal debate free.

4.  Make the consequences dirty

While this may seem a bit harsh, if you’re really looking to drain your Thanksgiving meal of anything and everything nasty, you may want to up the consequences to things people dread doing. Perhaps they will earn the spot on dish duty post-meal or they have to do 13 burpees anytime they argue. That’ll keep them talking about topics more neutral, like...well, it’s really hard to think of any these days. So maybe it’ll just make your dinner very, very quiet. 

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