Tips on How to Build the Perfect Burger, From the Real Burger King (Steal His Secret Seasoning Trick!)

It’s more than a patty with ketchup on a bun.

Fast food, step aside. The burger king is a real person.

Enter Josh Capon: the chef and partner behind New York City's El Toro Blanco, Lure Fishbar, Bowery Meat Company, and B&B Winepub. After winning the New York Food & Wine Festival Burger Bash an astonishing *six* times, the Johnson & Wales University alum has solidified himself as grilling royalty.

With summer and barbecue season upon us, The Feast caught up with the NYC-based chef at The Grilling Games presented by Pine Mountain® firestarters and firelogs and Royal Oak® charcoal, to lean how to cook and assemble the perfect burger. Read on for his 6 simple yet effective tips.

1.  Make Sure the Grill Isn't Too Hot

"You don’t want to char the burgers before they're cooked. You’re looking for a nice caramelization—not black—nice, and golden brown.”

2.  Get the Best Meat You Can Buy

"You want fresh, ground meat: A 75/25 percent blend—that’s meat to fat ratio—so you have a juicy, delicious burger. I’m a medium-rare guy. I want a warm, pink center.”

3.  Add a Secret Seasoning

“I like some nice kosher salt and black pepper on the patty. A little trick that I like to do is a little smear of Dijon mustard on the patty while it’s cooking, so when that mustard hits the flame, it gives it a really, really unique flavor.”

4.  Toast Those Buns

“I do like my buns toasted. Sometimes a potato roll: that nice, soft squishy bun to absorb all of the juices.”

5.  Make It Cheesy

“There’s only one answer when it comes to cheese—American! But then again, a nice slice of Swiss with mushrooms and onions works very well.”

6.  Play With Add-Ons

“I like a nice little blend of mayo and ketchup on the roll, a perfect slice of summer tomato, crisp lettuce, and some kosher dill pickle shaved on the top. I say, create a little burger bar with different toppings. You're grilling the burgers, and your guests are putting them together, like an ice cream sundae bar! That’s the fun thing about a burger: the options are endless! You can do whatever you want. Just make yourself happy.”

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